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  • Saalfeld Griggs PC
    Saalfeld Griggs is a respected business law firm founded in 1932. Located in Salem, OR, they serve clients all over Oregon and across the pacific Northwest. The lawyers are organized into specialized practice area teams covering a wide range of business law categories, including: Business Litigation, Real Estate and Land Use, Estate Planning, Employment Law, Employment Benefits, and more. The guiding principles that fuel the law firm were first established by the founder, Roy Harland, include th
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  • Michael O’Brien - Barrister
    I provide cutting edge support and an invaluable depth of business and employment law. Employment Law is a specialised field where expert advice is essential. Whether you employ a handful of staff or thousands of workers, failure to pay full attention to employment agreements can have huge ramifications.
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    For over 25 years, since 1993, Employment Lawyers Group, as handled over 1700 individual employment cases in just employment law. Employment Lawyers Group currently has over 14 offices in California. We have written legal publications, had past published cases, have done speaking engagements, and have won awards. Media Interviews with the following: New York Magazine, Newsweek, The Recorder, the Wall Street Journal, Channel 17 Bakersfield, Channel 29 Bakersfield, Daily Journal, and Sacram
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  • JacksonWhite Law
    JacksonWhite Attorneys at Law is a full-service law firm located in Mesa, Arizona. We offer a full range of legal services to assist individuals, families and businesses in achieving success in a wide range of legal matters. Our practice areas include elder law, criminal law, family law, estate planning, personal injury, immigration law, employment law, eminent domain, real estate, probate, Social Security disability and other areas. Founded in 1983, the firm has grown steadily to include a full
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  • Lennon Mazzeo Lawyers
    Lennon Mazzeo Lawyers is a full service melbourne law firm. The practice areas include: Personal injury & compensation, corporate & commercial law, family law, property law, employment law, brankruptcy and litigation. Whatever your legal needs are you can trust the experienced team at Lennon Mazzeo Lawyers to protect your legal rights. Contact their Melbourne office for a consultation to discuss your particular case.
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