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About Jayde.com - The B2B Search Engine

Jayde is the internet's largest B2B Search Engine and one of the web's oldest business directories. Jayde was founded in 1996. Jayde is an entirely human reviewed directory with a lightning fast search.

The fast growing Jayde may be the most unique search engine on the internet. Are we better than Google? If you are a college student trying to find a research paper on mosquito's in the Amazon, probably not. It may take perusing thousands of search results to find that specific paper and that's not the way Jayde works. However, if you're a sales professional tying to efficiently find contacts within businesses, Jayde is better than Google!

Jayde has launched a revolutionary concept in search. The Jayde Search Engine provides only one result per website … but, every result contains a Company Profile with organized links to internal pages within that website. Each Company Profile is organized into what we call a ContentMap for that site.

Jayde has over 2 million unique business oriented websites in it's index. The Jayde crawler has then identified, categorized and indexed all important pages within each site and has outlined them within a Company Profile linked to from the search result. These ContentMaps are a highly efficient way for searches to find contacts, product and service sections, About sections, site legal pages and much more.

Jayde also has a categorized directory containing all of it's business listings. The Jayde Directory currently has 277,660 distinct categories. Unlike other directories such as Dmoz or Yahoo, Jayde does not list sites that are not from base url's such as www.jayde.com. Businesses must have their own domain to be considered for Jayde. No GeoCities businesses will be found in Jayde. Is that what you are really looking for? Probably not.

Jayde is powered by a distinct algorithmic concept called ClickRelevance. ClickRelevance is a unique concept in search and is the most effective way to provide relevant results to searchers. ClickRelevance ranks all categories and search results by those which are clicked the most by unique searches. This includes clicks within the Company Profile pages. The idea is that searchers know what they are looking for. Therefore, if a person searches for "web design tools" and then clicks search result number 4, that searcher is telling us that result number 4 is highly relevant for the particular search made. When multiple people click on similar listings for the exact same search phrase or within a particular category the ClickRelevance algorithm reorganizes the results for that term so that the most clicked listings gradually move up and the least clicked move down in the results.

It's features like ClickRelevance and ContentMaps that make Jayde the most innovative B2B Search Engine on the planet… and this is just the beginning. Look for many more exciting and useful features in the near future. Our Jayde team is hard at work! iEntry, Inc is the parent company of Jayde.com. iEntry provides free highly informative websites and email newsletters for eBusiness managers, CXO's, web developers, IT professionals and small business owners. Our sites and email newsletters cover a variety of issues relating to technology and eBusiness.

Jayde and iEntry also have highly targeted advertising opportunities for businesses looking to market their products and services.

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