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  • Genemedics Health Institute
    Genemedics® Health Institute is the national leader in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for men and for women. Our comprehensive natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy programs, combined with proper nutrition and exercise, will return you to the optimal physical, sexual, and emotional health you experienced in your twenties and thirties. | Edit this Listing
  • Southern California Health Institute
    Southern California Health Institute holds a mission to provide the highest standard education with an environment that promotes learning and develops compassionate health & wellness professionals dedicated to their profession. | Edit this Listing
  • Hope Medical Institute
    Hope Medical Institute Virginia providing medical education in USA and Poland. As a Foreign Medical School, Hope to prepare world-class physician today for tomorrow’s world. | Edit this Listing
  • Genesis Health Institute
    As a leading anti-aging medical practice in Fort Lauderdale, Genesis Health Institute provides a range of services that are designed to optimize our patients’ quantity and quality of life. Our practice was founded by Dr. Ferdinand Cabrera, an endocrinologist who discovered Functional and Regenerative Medicine through his interest in biochemistry and physiology. Under his leadership, Genesis Health Institute utilizes the latest scientific technologies in order to cater to all anti-aging needs, fr | Edit this Listing
  • Medical Health Institute
    At Medical Health Institute, we specialize in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy also known as "BHRT" and "TRT", and functional medicine. Rather than the standard approach to medicine, which treats the symptoms of an individual, we treat the system as a whole and deal with the underlying causes in order to restore optimal balance in the body and bring it back to its natural state of health. Typically, we work with adult men and women who have symptoms of low testosterone (andropause), ere | Edit this Listing
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