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  • Global Improvement Solutions
    We are one of the largest and most trusted names in new or replacement windows and doors installation in Toronto and the G.T.A. Whether youíre embarking on a new construction, full home remodel or replacement, we have windows and doors in different shapes and styles that can be used in combinations to enhance the beauty, luxury and energy efficiency of your home and office. | Edit this Listing
  • Simply Green Home Services
    Simply Green Home Services is a company of highly qualified technicians helping Canadian Homeowners increase their homeís energy efficiency and subsequently reduce energy consumption without sacrificing their quality of life or living standards. | Edit this Listing
  • First Class Heating & Air
    A First Class Heating & Air preventative maintenance plan provides homeowners with a number of benefits. It ensures that the air inside your home is always clean and helps to improve energy efficiency by reducing energy consumption. This saves you money on AC repair in Toronto and furnace repair in Toronto services as well as your utility bills. | Edit this Listing
  • Nor-Can Heating and Air
    We are a heating and air repair and installation company located in Edmonton, AB. We specialize in energy efficiency which will be even more beneficial once the new Alberta carbon tax is put into place. | Edit this Listing
  • Inviro Solutions Group
    Implementing solar is an intelligent way to reduce or eliminate your fixed energy costs while establishing a predictable long term cost of energy. Itís also most efficient to produce energy closest to where it is consumed. When you couple the notable financial returns of solar energy with the vital environmental benefits, the case for solar and other energy efficiency systems becomes exceptionally compelling for any consumer of energy. As an independent energy consulting and solar integration | Edit this Listing
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