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  • itlivewire dev blog
    itlivewire dev blogJust another web development blog? Home The dev blogger... Search: svn connection refused Filed Under (Others) by admin on 29-08-2011 Most likely this is caused by a closed svn port on your svn server Login to your svn server then do the following 1. Check first if svn is running ps aux | grep svnserve 2. If it is not running restart the svn service svnserve -d -r path_of_svn 0 Comments Read More Android emulator delete an android virtual device Filed Under (Others) by
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  • Untitled
    Untitled and still for good reason. console2 For -years- I have hoped and searched and wished and moaned for lack of a halfway decent terminal emulator on Windows. Specifically, one that: Lets me use my standard unix toolset. Gives me a command line interface to the host machine WITHOUT requiring me to do something ridiculous like ssh?ing to localhost or firing up an x11 server? Realizes that sometimes the display is wider than 80 characters? Provides customizable color codes
    ammonlauritzen.com/blog | Edit this Listing terminal decent windows specifically unix
  • SuperGNES
    SuperGNESTM SNES Emulator for Android Phones Home How It Works Blog Support FAQ Who We Are SuperGNES SuperFX Support! September 9th, 2010 After a month of development the brand new high speed SuperFX assembler core is complete and ready for you to play some StarFox and Yoshi?s Island! Once again SuperGNES has done a first by developing the fastest and most stable emulation core available. Please download the latest release to play! Posted in General | No Comments SuperGNES Lite
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  • Tralalla
    Daily Updates – Free Download : Cheats, Hacks, Keygens and Trainers!
    www.freenewhacks.biz | Edit this Listing pokemon y
  • androidappsonpc
    Get Free Android Apps And games For PC, Windows And Mac And Play Unlimited Fun
    androidappsonpc.in | Edit this Listing